Rewards Credit Cards

A database of credit card offers, for various frequent flier and hotel loyalty programs.

Airline Credit Cards

Bank Rewards Credit Cards

Hotel Credit Cards

Business Credit Cards

Foreign Credit Cards

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  1. i just found out about card It manages all the credit cards….is there a better way?

    • I’m actually working with Frugal Travel Guy on a very comprehensive tool. It will track credit card sign-up bonuses and help you determine which cards to use at select merchants. It’s still in beta, but should come out sometime this year. It’s going to solve a lot of the problems other card tools have.

  2. Looks like is a total dud. Gonna try next. If not, then l’ll have to create a customized template spreadsheet via google docs. Glad to see that you are taking a “problem solving” based approach to design vs what others apps/sites have done.

  3. is also a dud. Right away I caught an inaccurately labeled transaction. Plus it doesn’t tell me when my statement closing dates are as well as when payments are due. Anyone on this blog find a solution yet?

    • I stopped using Mint a long time ago. The FTG Wallet is designed to solve a lot of these issues – you’ll get notifications when bills are due, when minimum spend deadlines are coming up, etc.

  4. Can you explain “different product” as it relates to applying for various credit cards?

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