Citi Platinum AAdvantage vs. Barclay Aviator Red: Which Card Should You Keep?

With American Airlines and US Airways merging next year, the US Airways Mastercard issued by Barclays will be converted to an AAdvantage Aviator Red MasterCard. The new card will have the same features as the Citi Platinum AAdvantage card, leaving… Continue Reading


SPG 50% Mile Transfer Bonus Ending Tonight + Discounted SPG Redemptions

Earlier this month, I wrote about the 20 % transfer bonus promotion SPG was running, which is ending today. Typically, SPG members earn a 5,000 point bonus for every 20,000 points transferred to airline miles (essentially a 25% bonus). During… Continue Reading


Get Value out of SPG Points with the 20% Airline Transfer Bonus

If you haven’t banked enough AAdvantage points thanks to the churnable Citi Executive AAdvantage card or that 40,000 point bonus from the US Airways Mastercard isn’t enough to cover your luxury travel aspirations, you’ll like this promotion: Through July 31,… Continue Reading


5 Things Travel Hackers Can Look Forward to in 2014

Many rewards programs are introducing changes in 2014 – some good, some bad. United will be requiring more miles for premium redemptions, especially on partner airlines. US Airways Dividend Miles will be merging with American Airlines AAdvantage on March 31,… Continue Reading


4 Facts You Should Know About the American Airlines & US Airways Merger

This morning, American Airlines announced that it had officially merged with US Airways. If you’re freaking out about the fate of your newly acquired Dividend Miles, fear not. This proclamation means very little. Here are four simple facts to help… Continue Reading