On Circles & Arrows, Helping People and Regretting It

Desk with laptop: Manufactured Spending with a Full Time Job

Have you ever helped a newbie with this hobby and then regretted it? That seems like a strange question, considering helping newbies get started is the exact purpose of this blog. I’ve been doing this for five years and it’s… Continue Reading


On Bloggers Killing Deals, Affiliate Links and Polluting the River

Few things in this hobby get people quite as riled up as bloggers monetizing their blogs, talking to the media, killing deals, or just existing. Despite being on the receiving end of a healthy amount of vitriol, I don’t understand it.… Continue Reading


Is Manufactured Spending a Waste of Time?

Earning miles and points for shopping online with a credit card

After yesterday’s post about my productive week of manufactured spending, I received a lot of questions from people about how I spend my points and miles and whether I even need to earn that many to begin with. To be… Continue Reading