The Trick to Buying Money Orders with MasterCard Gift Cards

Metabank MasterCard Gift Cards from Giftcards.com

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about whether you can buy money orders with a Metabank MasterCard gift card. Giftcards.com offers a higher cash back rate (1.25%) on MasterCard gift cards than Visa gift cards (1%). Buying MasterCard gift… Continue Reading


Should You Sign Up for a Simon Mall Corporate Account?

Simon Mall Visa Gift Cards

Whenever I mention Simon Mall gift cards, I get asked about corporate accounts. Simon Mall offers discounts and higher purchase limits for corporate accountholders. At my local mall, corporate accountholders can buy up to 24 gift cards for $3.95 with… Continue Reading


Can You Buy Money Orders With a Metabank MasterCard Gift Card?

Metabank MasterCard Gift Cards from Giftcards.com

Back in November, I shared that giftcards.com has increased cash back rates on Metabank MasterCard gift card purchases to 1.25%. If you think a 0.25% cash back increase isn’t significant, it actually saves you $6.25 on every $2,500 order. Until… Continue Reading


Simon Mall Promo: $1 Off Visa Gift Card Fees Through December 24!

Purse full of Visa gift cards

I know, it’s not the $0 fee promotion we’ve been waiting for, but it’s better than the 10% corporate Visa discount Simon Mall has been offering. My Simon Mall rep called me this morning to let me know that through… Continue Reading


10% off Visa Gift Card Fees at Simon Mall?

Simon Mall Visa Gift Cards

I’m at work and can’t really verify this, but according to @depplif Simon Mall is offering 10% off Visa gift card fees. That’s not quite the $0 fee promotion I’ve been waiting for, but it’s a discount. And you can buy up… Continue Reading


GiftCards.com Will Impose a $30,000 Monthly Purchase Limit Starting December 1

Manufactured spending by mail

If you’re purchasing large amounts of gift cards online, you’re not going to like this: Starting December 1, Giftcards.com, Giftcard Mall, and Cardpool will all be imposing a $30,000 monthly limit on cash back portal payouts. That’s bad news, considering in… Continue Reading


Managing Budgets While Manufacturing Spend

Purse full of Visa gift cards

One of the biggest challenges when you’re manufacturing large amounts of spend is trying to keep your personal budget on track. Sure, it’s possible to off-set most manufactured spending fees, but when you’re trying to normalize spending patterns by channeling… Continue Reading