Discover It Miles Card 3% Cash Back Bonus: How I Earned Over $3,100

Last February I signed up for the Discover It Miles card, with the intention of really milking the 3% cash back offered during the first year. The card has no sign-up bonus and normally earns just 1.5% cash back, which is doubled during the first year. Plus, cardholders get an annual $30 in-flight wifi credit. So basically, Discover pays you to hold onto this card, which I most certainly will. But back to milking that 3% cash back offer: I aimed unrealistically high and came up short, but in light of my Barclay card shut down, I’m actually pretty happy with the end result. In the last year, I earned a total of 318,888 miles worth $3,188.88 cash back.

Discover It Miles Credit Card 3% Cash Back Bonus First Year

Maximizing the 3% Cash Back Bonus with Five Discover It Miles Credit Cards

Half of the miles were paid out at the end of each month they were earned while the rest got deposited at the end of 12 months. So this means I spent well over $100,000 to earn these miles, almost entirely via manufactured spending. Probably 95% of the time I paid the balance off via Walmart Bill Pay, so it’s pretty amazing that they didn’t shut me down or confiscate all of my cash back. 

I got a little lazy during certain times last year, taking a break from gift card churning altogether. Despite what most people think about how much manufactured spending I was doing, I didn’t really pick things up until the last quarter. I was trying to cross the finish line to get my Umrah travel finalized. So the majority of my large scale manufactured spending sprees was done between October – December. Most other months I kept it at or under $150,000 per month. 

While it’s kind of a bummer that I didn’t hit my goal, I pretty much knew $1 million in manufactured spending on a single credit card was unrealistic. That’s why I picked up Discover It Miles cards for my entire family a few months after I got mine. I knew I’d have a hard time generating that much spend with my $6,500 limit, so I got Discover it Miles cards for them to keep me busy while my card was being paid off. Again, there were a few months when I slacked off, so I don’t think I’ll ultimately get to $1,000,000. I do think I’ll get to half of that if I stay focused. 

To speed things along, I’ve added myself as an authorized user to everyone else’s credit cards. That way, I can make in-store purchases at Simon Mall and the whole gift card churning process will go a lot faster than waiting for a giftcards.com order to come through. I have until July to do this, so we’ll see where I end up.

Overall, I’ve had fun with the 3% cash back bonus from the Discover It Miles card. Most credit cards give you the sign-up bonus right off the bat, but with Discover you can essentially earn it and, in a way, determine how much it is. I will warn you that even though I was able to put $100,000 worth of spending on the card and consistently use Walmart Bill Pay to pay off the balance, it’s not guaranteed that you won’t get shut down doing this. I remember when people were milking the Wells Fargo 5% cash back bonus. They got away with it for years and when I jumped on board, I got shut down like a month in. Anyway, it’s been fun and I look forward to the $30 in-flight wifi credit every year.

Anyway, if you’re in the midst of milking the 3% cash back bonus on the Discover It Miles card, I’d love to hear how close you are to your goal. 

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Ariana Arghandewal


  1. Hi Ariana! I love your website and thank you for sharing your experience. I’ve used manufactured spending and it works! I have a question though. In this story, you said you spent $100,000 in MS… how much are you paying in gift card fees? Sounds very expensive with each gift card costing at least $5.00 to purchase!

    Thank you

    • You can do the math. (3.95*4)= $15.80 in fees BUT you get $60.47 back in cashback (3% of $2,015.80). Roughly $45 in profit

    • Shipping, gift card fees, and liquidation came to around $11 per $1,000. So that means I spent roughly $1,100 on fees, bringing my profit to $2,000. Still not bad.

  2. Really enjoy your web site and information. Are you using WM billpay to pay off the CC’s you used to purchase GC’s ?

  3. Last time I went to a Simon Mall they said I could only buy $1,000 worth of gift cards per day. How did you get around this because its really far for me to go to Simon Mall each day.

  4. Is it a no brainer to choose Discover It miles over Discover it CB card for the first year? I chose Dic It card, not miles and am earning 2% instead of 3. But miles card won’t have rotating categories is it?

    • It depends on how much ms you can pull off as well as whether you’ll make use of the category bonuses on the Discover cash back card. That said, I actually think the Discover It Miles is worth getting at some point and keeping. With the $30 in-flight wifi credit, you’re basically getting paid to keep the card long-term.

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