Extrabux No Longer Offering Cash Back on Visa Gift Card Purchases

Cashback portal Extrabux recently updated their policy on GiftCardMall purchases. Previously, Visa gift card purchases (minus the purchase fee) qualified for 1% cash back, which was much higher than the 0.5% offered by TopCashBack. However, this has changed and Visa gift cards purchased through GiftCardMall are no longer eligible for cash back. This is too bad, since that 1% really helped offset some of the fees and shipping costs involved in manufactured spending with Visa gift cards.

Visa Gift Cards Cash Back Extrabux

You can still get 0.5% through TopCashBack, or use my favorite method: Buy American Express gift cards through a shopping portal for 3% cash back, then use the  Amex gift cards to buy Visa gift cards at a grocery store, and unload those via Bluebird or money orders.

Disclosure: I will receive a small commission if you sign up with TopCashBack or Extrabux using the links in this post and make a purchase. You will receive a $5 credit from Extrabux for using my link.

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Ariana Arghandewal


  1. While American Express gift cards are way better than Gift Card Mall, the $5,000 limit per 2 weeks is annoying. Is this a limit per person or a limit per personal credit card? Also, can anyone with a business credit card buy business gift cards?

    I learned from the Frequent Miler Laboratory that you can go through a cash back portal to buy a Choice e-gift card (basically gift cards to Giftcardmall.com), then use the Choice e-gift cards to go through a cash back portal to Gift Card Mall to buy a Visa gift card. You would supposedly earn cash back twice for doing this. However, when I tried to buy a Choice e-gift card just now, it just gave me a blank page and I couldn’t figure out how to buy it. Can you please help me with that and see if it works for you?

    • To be able to buy the Business gift cards, you’ll need a tax ID. I just tried GCM using two different browsers and had the same issue. I tried going to Category and clicking on the Choice e-giftcard widget on the left hand column, but came up blank. Same thing happened when I googled “Choice e-giftcard.” The link takes me to the Choice landing page, but when I click “continue,” I get to a blank page.

  2. What shopping portal should inuse to buy the Amex giftcards? What grocery stores take an Amex swipe for a Visa purchase? Are these Visas the PIN enabled ones? Thank you!!

    • Right now, BeFrugal has one of the highest payouts (3% cash back). However, if you have an Arrival card, the RewardBoost mall is offering 4 miles. Combined with the Arrival card bonus of 2 miles per $1, you’re earning 6 miles (or 6% back in the form of travel credits). I’ll have a post explaining this later today.

  3. Going through TopCashBack to GiftCardMall, there is a screen right before you click the link for GiftCardMall that says the .5% back is ending in three (3) days. Is it looking like TopCashBack is getting rid of the % back?

    • TCB always puts an “end date” on cash back pages. Most of the time when that date comes, the offer is renewed or the cashback amount either goes up or down.

      • Okay…thanks. Ordered through Extrabux, received card, went into WM to load to BB today and cashier knew exactly what to do. Thank you and all fellow posters for all the great info.

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