A Follow-Up On THAT Money Order Post

My last post on unloading $40,000 worth of money orders got a lot of people riled up. I could have called all Mexicans rapists and gotten less heat than I did over that post. The problem centered around depositing money… Continue Reading


How To Cash Out $40,000 Worth of Money Orders

One of the questions I get asked the most about manufactured spending is how I manage to cash out so many money orders. While I’ve been churning pretty low numbers for the past few months, things have picked up recently and I’ve purchased around… Continue Reading


Credit Cards on the Chopping Block

At the end of each year, I like to de-clutter and get rid of as much stuff as possible – that includes credit cards. I’ve added quite a few cards to my wallet this year, thanks to some generous promotions.… Continue Reading


My $82,000 Spending Challenge: 2 Months Later

Meeting $82,000 in Spending Requirements within 3 months My $82,000 Spending Challenge: 1 Month Later My $82,000 Spending Challenge: 2 Months Later My $82,000 Spending Challenge: 3 Months Later This was a tough month, with shopping portals pulling American Express… Continue Reading


Targeted Offers: 75k Point Amex Gold, 70k Marriott Card, 3 Miles per $1 from US Airways & $400 from Chase

American Express Gold Business 75,000 Offer

Unless I’m getting a new credit card, I don’t enjoy getting mail. It’s mostly non-profit organizations trying to exchange a nickel for $20, coupons from department stores I don’t shop with, and bills. Every once in a while, though, there… Continue Reading


Beginner’s Guide to Miles and Points: Airport Club Lounge Access

Thai Airways Royal First Class Lounge Bangkok Suvarnabhumi, Thai Airways First Class Lounge

Beginners Guide to Miles and Points Whether you’re traveling in a premium cabin or not, having access to a decent airport lounge can take some of the stress out of your trip. You’ll have a quiet place away from the… Continue Reading


Beginner’s Guide to Miles and Points: Maximizing Credit Card Category Bonuses

Rewards credit Cards in a wallet

Beginner’s Guide to Miles and Points #8. Maximizing Credit Card Spending In addition to making online purchases through shopping portals, you should charge all of your expenses to relevant mile-earning credit cards in order to maximize your spending. For example, the Chase… Continue Reading