My Week in Manufactured Spending: Branching Out Beyond Visa Gift Cards

Gift Cards at CVS

It’s been a bad week for many folks out there who had their Serve and Bluebird accounts shut down. As I previously explained, I don’t think this news is quite as terrible as everyone is making it out to be.… Continue Reading


How to Liquidate Excess Gift Cards Without Bluebird or Serve

Yesterday’s news of the mass shutdowns of Amex Bluebird and Serve prepaid cards came as a shock to many people. There were no quiet rumblings, in-store memos, or signs of trouble like when Vanilla Reloads and Redbird went down. It… Continue Reading


Amex is Shutting Down Bluebird and Serve Accounts: What’s Next?

I woke up today, well past noon, from a Nyquil induced sleep to some terrible news: Both the American Express Bluebird and Serve prepaid cards are dead as far as manufactured spending goes. Several readers got email notices that their… Continue Reading


Manufactured Spending: What Options Are Still Available?

Office Depot Visa Gift Card Rack Manufactured Spending

A lot has changed on the manufactured spending front in the past year. Target stopped accepting gift cards and credit cards for Redbird loads, shopping portals stopped offering cash back on American Express gift card denominations over $200 and Serve… Continue Reading


My Week (end) in Manufactured Spending

I may need to rename this series because these days it seems like the only time I’m actually doing any manufactured spending is on weekends. The week before last, I was preoccupied with jury duty. Last week I spent three… Continue Reading


Bluebird vs. Serve: Which Prepaid Card Should You Switch To?

It’s been three weeks since the demise of Redbird and already some people are switching back to the American Express Bluebird or Serve card. Up until recently, I had decided not to bother switching to either card, since I was… Continue Reading


Is Redbird Really Dead? What to Do with Excess Gift Cards

Update: Redbird is officially dead. Both NoonRadar and reader Gregory (who is a part time Target employee) have confirmed the existence of a memo stating that going forward, Redbird loads would be restricted to cash only. About two weeks ago… Continue Reading