Manufactured Spending: What Options Are Still Available?

Office Depot Visa Gift Card Rack Manufactured Spending

A lot has changed on the manufactured spending front in the past year. Target stopped accepting gift cards and credit cards for Redbird loads, shopping portals stopped offering cash back on American Express gift card denominations over $200 and Serve… Continue Reading


Vanilla Reloads and MoneyPaks To Be Discontinued April 1, 2015

Many of us haven’t purchased a Vanilla Reload card since CVS stopped accepting credit cards for them last year. Others have found alternative sources and continued to load up the maximum $5,000 each month on their Serve or Bluebird cards.… Continue Reading


How to Continue Manufactured Spending Without Walmart

Update 9/21/14: It appears OneVanilla cards can again be used to purchase money orders and load Bluebird at Walmart. Recently, word got out that Walmart no longer accepted Vanilla Visa gift cards for Bluebird reloads or money order purchases. Several… Continue Reading


Newbie Guide to Manufactured Spending: Earning Miles with Debit Cards

Mile-earning debit cards Suntrust Delta Skymiles Debit Card

Newbie Guide to Manufactured Spending Update 9/21/14: The Suntrust Delta Skymiles and Alaska Airlines debit cards are no longer available. Debit cards are a great manufactured spending tool if you have less than stellar credit and can’t get approved for… Continue Reading


Newbie Guide to Manufactured Spending: Green Dot MoneyPak

Newbie Guide to Manufactured Spending I have yet to find a merchant that allows credit cards as a payment option on Green Dot Moneypaks, but your experience may vary. Moneypaks can generally be found at drugstores, gas stations, and grocery… Continue Reading


Newbie Guide to Manufactured Spending: Vanilla Reload Cards

Newbie Guide to Manufactured Spending As of April 1, 2015 Vanilla Reload cards are no longer available for purchase Recently I outlined the basics of manufactured spending, including the key reload/prepaid cards involved and methods of unloading them. In this… Continue Reading


Newbie Guide to Manufactured Spending: Prepaid Cards and How to Cash them Out

CVS stops accepting credit cards for Vanilla Reloads

Newbie Guide to Manufactured Spending I’ve had many hobbies: Travel, reading, writing, drawing (I know, it sounds like the hobbies get more and more boring). All of these things have given me a sense of calm and serenity. Chasing points,… Continue Reading