Points and Miles Checklist: Things to Do in October

I’ve slacked off on writing my monthly things to do lists partly because I got lazy and partly because…there was nothing to do. That’s changed with the end of the year approaching. Lots of promotions, both targeted and public, are… Continue Reading


Points and Miles Checklist: Things to Do in December

It’s been a hectic week, which is why I’ve fallen behind on blogging about the latest promotions and keeping up in general. I had to visit two family members in the hospital and on top of that, my hard drive crashed… Continue Reading


US Airways Preferred Status Challenge: How to Do it Cheaply

Who says mileage running is dead? I did, but clearly I was wrong, because US Airways is offering a very lucrative status challenge that is definitely mileage-run worthy. Non-elite members pay a fee for 90 days of elite status and can secure… Continue Reading


Beginner’s Guide to Miles and Points: Airline Elite Status

Thai Airways Royal First Class Lounge Bangkok Suvarnabhumi, Thai Airways First Class Lounge

Beginner’s Guide to Miles and Points If you’ve seen “Up in the Air” with George Clooney, you’re probably aware that airline and hotel loyalty programs not only earn you tons of points that can be redeemed for amazing trips, but… Continue Reading