An Update on THAT Walmart Incident

Multiple Walmart Money Orders for Manufactured Spending

No, I’m not referring to the bizarre incident where a customer tried to return this plastic corn after  her grandson bought it, thinking it was real. A few weeks ago I wrote about a run-in with the Asset Protection team at Walmart. One… Continue Reading


My Conversation With an Asset Protection Associate

I was going to restrict my manufactured spending activities posts to monthly summaries, but I think what happened this week is worth sharing. This past weekend, I went to one of my regular Walmart stores. This is the only location… Continue Reading


My Week in Manufactured Spending: Gift Card Churning Simplified

Manufactured spending by mail

These days I have a pretty simple manufactured spending routine, which consists of a two step process: 1. Ordering Visa gift cards from Giftcards.com. 2. Liquidating these gift cards on twice weekly trips to Walmart. Since I’ve found two locations… Continue Reading


Tips for Manufactured Spending in the Bay Area

Bay Area Manufactured Spending Berkeley

The Bay Area used to be a manufactured spending hotspot, before the Redbird shutdowns. Thanks to an abundance of Target stores, loading Redbird was a breeze. Nowadays, it’s pretty much a wasteland and I constantly get emails from people asking… Continue Reading


My Week in Manufactured Spending: Planning Around Life Events

I took a break from gift card churning over the past week, opting to stockpile orders from giftcards.com. Ever since the system changes were implemented a while back, I’m finding its taking a super long time (i.e. a week) for gift… Continue Reading


No Annual Fee Club Carlson Credit Card: A No-Brainer?

Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney Club Carlson

Did you know that Club Carlson has a $0 annual fee credit card? Last week, when I wrote about 10 places to redeem the Club Carlson annual free night certificate, reader Zach brought it to my attention. Sure, I knew about… Continue Reading


My Week in Manufactured Spending: A Downward Spiral

Cash register manufactured spending

Last week was a pretty crappy week on all fronts and to top it all off, things went south in terms of manufactured spending. My Wells Fargo card got shut down for literally no reason. I barely took advantage of… Continue Reading