American Express Tells Us Something We Already Know

I got an email from American Express this morning telling me something I already knew: Target will no longer accept credit cards for Redbird loads. Someone at American Express must have hit the snooze button because one month after they… Continue Reading


Earning Miles on Tax Payments

I just got an email from the guy that does my taxes and it makes me wish I lived in Switzerland, because it might just be cheaper and they have better chocolate. If you find yourself owing taxes this year, take solace… Continue Reading


How to Get Your Kids Involved in Earning Points and Miles

I’m not a parent, but as the mileage manager in my family, I make sure everyone is doing their part to earn enough miles for family vacations. With the exception of my younger sister, everyone is over 18 and able… Continue Reading


Newbie Guide to Manufactured Spending: Earning Miles with Debit Cards

Mile-earning debit cards Suntrust Delta Skymiles Debit Card

Newbie Guide to Manufactured Spending Update 9/21/14: The Suntrust Delta Skymiles and Alaska Airlines debit cards are no longer available. Debit cards are a great manufactured spending tool if you have less than stellar credit and can’t get approved for… Continue Reading


Newbie Guide to Manufactured Spending: Walmart Money Orders

Walmart Money Order

Newbie Guide to Manufactured Spending Limit: Varies Fees: $0.22-0.75 per $1,000 (although this varies as well) Where to buy: Walmart MoneyCenter How to Cash Out: Bank deposit, bill pay at bank branch Though money orders can be purchased at your… Continue Reading


5 Things to Be Thankful for in the Travel Hacking Game

There is lots to be thankful for in the points and miles game. Sure, we’ve had our share of devaluations this year, but all is not lost. Here are 5 things to be thankful for this year: 1. Mistake Fares.… Continue Reading


Bank of America Alaska Airlines Debit Card to Be Discontinued?

Note: The Alaska Debit card will be discontinued on May 31, 2014. The Alaska Airlines debit card from Bank of America is a useful mile-earning tool. It’s great for buying money orders at Walmart, loading Bluebird (if you can’t find Vanilla… Continue Reading