Points and Miles Checklist: Things To Do in October

It’s October, which signals another month of lucrative points and miles promotions. Whether you’re churning gift cards, mattress running or redeeming miles, you’re in for a generous point haul. Here are seven items to check off your to-do list by… Continue Reading


The Merits of Keeping the Club Carlson Premier Visa Signature Card

It was only nine short months ago that I excitedly announced I finally got approved for the Club Carlson credit card. U.S. Bank is notoriously tough when it comes to credit card approvals – especially for credit card churners. At… Continue Reading


Points and Miles Checklist: Things To Do in September

It’s almost September, which means many of you will be rushing to Target for your monthly Redbird loads. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the weather to cool off so I can actually leave the house without risking a… Continue Reading


Club Carlson Get More Offer: Book 2 Nights, Get 50% off a Future Stay

I got an email this morning from Club Carlson, offering me an e-certificate for 50% off after completing a 2-night stay by July 25, 2015. The promotion appears to be open to all, with the only requirement being that you… Continue Reading


10 Best Club Carlson Hotels to Redeem Your Free Night Certificate

A lot of people are wondering whether it’s even worth keeping a Club Carlson Visa open now that the Bonus Award Night benefit is being replaced with a free annual night at any U.S. Club Carlson hotel (after $10,000 spent… Continue Reading


Earning Miles on Tax Payments

I just got an email from the guy that does my taxes and it makes me wish I lived in Switzerland, because it might just be cheaper and they have better chocolate. If you find yourself owing taxes this year, take solace… Continue Reading


Finally Got Approved for the Club Carlson Credit Card!

Things have been dull around here for a while, especially after the Vanilla Reload shutdown. Aside from completing an $82,000 spending requirement, I’ve been twiddling my thumbs and getting bored with points and miles. Today, I’ve got something to be… Continue Reading


Beginner’s Guide to Miles and Points: Maximizing Credit Card Category Bonuses

Rewards credit Cards in a wallet

Beginner’s Guide to Miles and Points #8. Maximizing Credit Card Spending In addition to making online purchases through shopping portals, you should charge all of your expenses to relevant mile-earning credit cards in order to maximize your spending. For example, the Chase… Continue Reading