Free Manufactured Spending: How to Eliminate Visa Gift Card Fees

Simon Mall Fee-free 5% Back Visa Gift card promotion

One of the first questions I get when I mention how I earn points and miles via manufactured spending is “what is this costing you?” After all, with a few exceptions, Visa gift cards carry fees. Not to mention, the… Continue Reading


Earn 4x Rewards on Dining With Swagbucks

Swagbucks Local 10% Cash Back at Restaurants

It’s been a while since I’ve covered SwagBucks on this blog (Yazing’s cash back rates have generally been better). In fact, I had completely forgotten about SwagBucks until they turned up on CashBackMonitor while I was searching for a niche… Continue Reading


My Month in Manufactured Spending: $2,198 Worth of Points, Miles, and Cash Back in October

Earning points and miles through manufactured spending September

October was a slow month for me. I had intended to really ramp up my manufactured spending in time for a December trip to the Middle East, but found myself falling behind. Sometimes, days went by without me placing any… Continue Reading


My Current Approach to Manufactured Spending

Money orders manufactured spending

I haven’t been writing about my manufactured spending routine lately, but I have been pretty active. If you follow me on Snapchat (username: Pointchaser), you’ve probably seen some evidence of this. In the past few weeks, I’ve changed my approach… Continue Reading


The Days of Free and Easy Manufactured Spending Are Over – Here’s How I’m Covering My Fees

Purse full of Visa gift cards

The days of free manufactured spending are indeed over and the cost of accruing points and miles can be substantial. At the moment, some of the credit cards I’m using to earn miles don’t earn category bonuses, which can really… Continue Reading


My Week in Manufactured Spending: Post-Canada Edition

Update: iConsumer has lowered their Giftcards.com payout to 0.8% cash back. There’s nothing like a trip to Canada to make you appreciate what you have back home. I don’t care that they have universal healthcare. I’ll take great ms opportunities over… Continue Reading


Last Day to Earn 2% Cash Back at GiftCards.com Through Yazing

Update: At 4:30 PM today, Yazing confirmed they are in fact still paying out 2% cash back at GiftCards.com, despite their listing showing only 1.5%. Update: It seems Yazing dropped the payout prematurely. As of 3:50 PM, they’re only offering… Continue Reading