TopCashBack Limits Cash Back on Amex Gift Cards: Finding Alternatives

As of 8/21/15 BeFrugal has implemented the same $200 limit on Amex gift cards as Top Cash Back

Reader Jeff brought this to my attention: TopCashBack is currently offering 2.25% cash back on American Express business gift cards. The bad news is that they’re now limiting cash back to  gift cards purchased in $25, $50, $100, and $200 denominations. Purchasing the daily maximum of $10,000 would incur $197.50 in gift card fees as well as $5.95 – $15.95 in shipping costs. Meanwhile, you would earn $225 cash back, but liquidating these cards would be tedious and costly a minimum of $197.50. At this rate, it’s hardly worth it to keep manufactured spending with Amex gift cards purchased through TopCashBack.

TopCashBack is limiting cash back to Amex gift cards in denominations of $200 or less

TopCashBack is limiting cash back to Amex gift cards in denominations of $200 or less

On the up side, BeFrugal is still offering 1.5% cash back on Amex gift cards purchased in denominations of up to $2,000! No, you’re not getting 2.25% cash back, but at 1.5% you’re at least going to break even. So while TopCashBack may be out of the picture, at least BeFrugal is still in the game. I’ve heard some negative stories about BeFrugal’s tracking system and while I’ve never had a problem, I still recommend you take screenshots of your transactions in case you need to provide proof that you used the portal for your gift card purchases. If you’re new to BeFrugal, you can earn $5 for signing up with my link. I will earn a $10 bonus after you earn $25 in cash back within 90 days.

BeFrugal is still offering 1.5% cash back on Amex gift card purchases over $200

BeFrugal is still offering 1.5% cash back on Amex gift card purchases over $200

If BeFrugal ends up going the way of TopCashBack, you can always search for other options via CashBack Monitor and CashbackHolic. A search for “American Express Gift Cards” currently turns up lots of cash back portals, including Lucky Shops, Rebate Giant, and the Alaska Airlines portal. Be sure to read the fine print to verify that gift card denominations over $200 qualify for cash back rewards.

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Ariana Arghandewal


  1. The silver lining is that they seem to do this every year around this time. I remember they pulled them totally for a month or so. Hopefully this is just that month and instead of pulling them fully they slim the CB down and it will return to normal in 30-60 days. Hopefully…

  2. Thank you for the information. Fortunately I was able to get in on one of those for $2,000, I had big plans for that promotion. Back to the drawing board.

    • Right, you can’t load AGC (Amex gift cards) to Redbird because AGC don’t have an option for pin, they run as credit only. Likewise, you can’t load AGC to Serve or Bluebird either.

  3. Yesterday, Frequent Miler said that Amex intends to eventually make all portals change their terms. If that happens, it’s a relief that there are alternative free manufactured spending deals. Some ideas that come to mind, that have been posted publicly on blogs and/or Flyertalk:
    1. the T-Mobile Prepaid Visa
    2. cash back credit cards
    3. Use an Ink card at gas stations and office supply stores, and use some of the rewards earned to pay yourself back for the fee.
    4. the Paypal Extras Mastercard

    5. Facebook Messenger

    That being said, I hope Jesse is right. Can you think of any other free manufactured spending deals?

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