A Visit to Real Life Stars Hollow (aka Unionville, Ontario)

Confession: I have a Trekky-level obsession with Gilmore Girls and the fictional town of Stars Hollow. I’ve watched every episode countless times – even the much-hated season 7. I got into Gilmore Girls around 2005 and have been been an avid fan of the show since. Needless to say I was thrilled when news broke about the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix. In the mean time, I got my fix by watching reruns…and visiting Unionville, Ontario where the pilot episode of Gilmore Girls was filmed!

Stars Hollow, CT AKA Unionville, Ontario – Background

A huge draw of Gilmore Girls is the fictional town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut. The town, and the series as a whole, was inspired by a visit Amy Sherman-Palladino took to Washington Depot, CT. The pilot episode was filmed in Unionville, Ontario – a historic town which was subsequently recreated on the Warner Bros lot. 

Unionville Ontario Large Gazebo Stars Hollow

Unionville outdoes Stars Hollow with not one but TWO town gazebos

The opening scene of the Gilmore Girls pilot episode takes place on Unionville’s Main Street. Lorelei crosses the street to Luke’s Diner and begs him for coffee, kicking off one of the most underrated tv shows in history. Now if you’re a serious Gilmore Girls fan, Unionville has probably been on your list of places to visit. I googled the town and it’s just as picturesque as Stars Hollow, with not one but two gazebos, a pond perfectly named Toogood Pond in Toogood Park, loads of adorable little shops occupying Main Street, and enough charming buildings to give you flashbacks of Stars Hollow.

Main Street Unionville Ontario - a stand-in for Stars Hollow, CT from the show Gilmore Girls

Main Street Unionville Ontario – a stand-in for fictional Stars Hollow, CT from the show Gilmore Girls

My Visit to Stars Hollow AKA Unionville, Ontario – How It Happened

A month ago I was in Toronto, under some not-so-great circumstances. Sight-seeing or doing anything fun for that matter wasn’t on my agenda. At one point I mentioned to my parents that I’d like to come back at a later time and check out Unionville. My dad brought it up in front of my cousins and they insisted I tell them the name of the town, which I refused. I just thought it was in poor taste to ask people to take me sight-seeing while they were in mourning a loved one.

A few days later, following the funeral in Toronto, my cousins and I piled into a car and hit up a Tim Horton’s drive-through. “So what was the name of that town you wanted to visit?” my cousin asked. We sparred over the fact that I wouldn’t tell him, until I finally relented after insisting that we wouldn’t go: “Unionville.” Oh that’s like 15 minutes away from here. This is the perfect time to go.” The timing was perfect: By the time we arrived, it had gotten dark, the twinkle lights were on, and the entire town look straight out of a storybook.

Gilmore Girls Main Street Unionville Ontario AKA Stars Hollow

Historic Main Street Unionville, Ontario – a stand-in for the fictional Stars Hollow in the Gilmore Girls pilot episode

On our way towards Main Street, we even passed a series of houses that looked similar to those occupied by the residents of Stars Hollow. This house we drove past bore a striking resemblance to Lorelai Gilmore’s House on the show…

Lorelai Gilmore's House Unionville Ontario

Add a wrap-around porch and this house is practically a replica of Lorelai Gilmore’s home in Stars Hollow

Searching for Luke’s Diner and the Town Gazebo

My goal was to find the town gazebo and the building where Luke’s Diner was filmed. I pulled out my phone to look up their locations: The building standing in for Luke’s Diner was on 156 Main Street, while the gazebo was further down the street. 

Church Building Unionville Ontario AKA Stars Hollow

Looks like a church straight out of Stars Hollow, but it’s actually a tv and stereo store in Unionville, Ontario

My cousin pulled over in the parking lot of what looked like a church but turned out to be a TV and Stereo store. Oddly enough, there was an actual church two blocks down, which looked exactly like this one. We walked towards Main Street and that’s when the 7 degree weather hit me and I began losing feeling in my hands and toes. We passed a cute little dress boutique called Paris Fashions and, to my disappointment, this quaint little shop that turned out to be a Spanx store. What is a Spanx store doing in Stars Hollow?!?! Talk about ruining the facade.

A Spanx store in Stars Hollow (i.e. Unionville, Ontario)...so disappointing.

A Spanx store in Stars Hollow (i.e. Unionville, Ontario)…so disappointing.

When we couldn’t find any buildings resembling Luke’s Diner,  we walked into the Old Firehall Confectionery (Hello Taylor Doose!) and decided to ask for help.

Old Firehouse Confectionery Main Street Unionville, Ontario AKA Stars Hollow

Old Firehall Confectionery in Unionville, Ontario

I felt a little stupid, pulling out my phone and showing the very nice cashier the building I was looking for. She said we’d passed it and told me it was two or three buildings down. We followed her instructions and ended up at the Tucci Armadio Ladies Boutique, which looked similar to Luke’s Diner. Later, I found out I got it wrong once again – the Paris Fashions Dress boutique next door was actually the filming location of Luke’s Diner, not Tucci Armadio.

Tucci Armadio Ladies Boutique Main Street Unionville Markham

Tucci Armadio Ladies Boutique on 154A Main Street Unionville is located next to the building where Luke’s Diner was featured in the pilot episode of Gilmore Girls

We walked around a bit more and passed yet another corporate place – Starbucks! That would not fly with Taylor Doose. Or Lorelai. But then again, Luke’s Diner isn’t around anymore so where else is a girl supposed to get her coffee fix? (Sorry if this is all a little too inside baseball – you really need to watch the show to know what I’m talking about). 

Unionville Ontario Sushi Restaurant Stars Hollow

Unionville’s Sushi Cafe – another cute building in town

There was even a small home decor place called Isla Home that could have been a stand-in for Kim’s Antiques in Stars Hollow.

Isla Home in Unionville Ontario Kim's Antique's Stars Hollow

Isla Home in Unionville, Ontario – a stand-in for Star’s Hollow’s Kim’s Antiques?

Main Street Unionville Stores Stars Hollow Connecticut

More retail stores and restaurants around Main Street Unionville

Gilmore Girls Stars Hollow filming location Unionville Ontario

Another very Stars Hollow-esque building on Main Street Unionville, Ontario

Snow in Stars Hollow AKA Unionville, Ontario

As we passed what I later realized was Luke’s Diner, the most Gilmore of moments happened: It started snowing. Not only that, the snow sparkled with what appeared to be flecks of glitter. On Gilmore Girls, Lorelei had an obsession with snow – she considered it a magical time and every great thing that ever happened to her, happened while it snowed. Having sparkling snow fall as we were making our way down the street where the pilot episode of Gilmore Girls was filmed (and just past the character’s favorite hangout spot) couldn’t have been more perfect.

Cozy Loft Day Spa 147A Unionville Markham Ontario

Cozy Loft Day Spa at 147A Unionville – another building seen in fictional Stars Hollow in the Gilmore Girls pilot episode

I took a lot of photos of cute little shops that resembled buildings around Stars Hollow. Then my cousin found the town gazebo – there are two and they are pretty much across the street from each another. 

Gilmore Girls Stars Hollow AKA Historic Main Street Unionville Canada

Historic Main Street Unionville – a stand-in for Stars Hollow and where the Gilmore Girls pilot episode was filmed

My hands and feet were frozen and my face felt like it had been injected with a Real Housewives dose of botox. I was wearing a knee-length dress with tights and a coat. I’m not used to wearing gloves, so I left those in the car and man did I regret it at that moment. Barely able to hold my phone to take photos anymore, I stood across the street and snapped a picture of the gazebo. I literally couldn’t stand out there anymore (let alone cross the street), so I decided this snap was sufficient.

Stars Hollow Town Gazebo in Unionville Ontario

Gazebo in Unionville Ontario – similar to the Stars Hollow gazebo in Gilmore Girls

We headed back to the car and even though I was wearing 4-inch heels, I ran as best as I could. I grew up in Germany where it snowed every winter, but I have never experienced weather this cold before. We all hopped in the car, blasted the heater, and waited for our limbs to thaw before driving back home.

Leaving Main Street Unionville Ontario Stars Hollow Connecticut

Leaving Main Street Unionville, Ontario (AKA Stars Hollow, CT)

Final Thoughts on Visiting Stars Hollow AKA Unionville, Ontario 

I loved my short but sweet visit to Unionville, Ontario. As a huge Gilmore Girls fan obsessed with Stars Hollow, it was awesome seeing the town where the show’s pilot episode was filmed. If you’re a Gilmore Girls fan and want to relive the magic of the show and its fictional setting in Stars Hollow, a visit to Unionville is definitely in order.

Have you been to Unionville, Ontario or any of the other locations that inspired the show Gilmore Girls?

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Ariana Arghandewal


  1. Hi Ariana,

    I know about Gilmore Girls and did see an episode or two but don’t remember it. Reading your description and love for the show makes me want to see it again and I will. It must be good for you to like it so much. I thought people were only huge fans of the show Seinfeld.

    I go to Pickering, Ontario all the time and Unionville is around Markham road which is one of my favorite places to go while in Toronto. I love the Afghani food at Bamiyan Kabab and always get my sweets from the Al-Karam store on Markham Road.

    I will watch the pilot episode of Gilmore Girls tonight and stop by Unionville, the next time I go to Toronto.

    Thanks for enriching my life. I love people who are passionate about things.


  2. I’ll have to go to Unionville sometime when I go to Toronto next. I just learned that it was where the plot was filmed and searched for more info and stumbled upon your post.

    Love all of the pictures and description. And how fun that it snowed!

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